Gañafote Cup


After moths of work, the Gañafote Cup has a well-established structure. Its foundation is composed of an Organizing Committee. Members of its founding organizational chart include:


Huelva and the Columbian places

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The home base of accommodation. Clubs from other provinces or countries will be lodged here. In addition, this will be the main hub for leisure and cultural excursions during the competition period, including one of the most beautiful, large beaches in Costa de la Luz

Palos de la Frontera

One of the main centers for sports facilities with extensive experience in the organization of high level competitions. Its connection to historical discoveries along with its sports centers, make Palos de la Frontera an ideal venue for the Gañafote Cup.


This capital city will host the Gañafote Cup, after having sealed an agreement with the City of Huelva. It is the reference point and sports epicenter of a province which is suitable to host an international competition.


Another of the cities of historical discoveries and headquarters of the Gañafote Cup. Moguer is the perfect place to host a tournament of this level. It offers the participants and their supporters a cultural place to visit during their stay in the province.

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