About us

Gañafote is a new Spanish firm born with the aim of creating a new concept of sports brand, customized to the needs of each customer. Made up of young and innovative people, where professionalism and passion are our main focus.

Gañafote has two main lines of action. On the one hand, we are promoters of sporting events, with a special interest in organized sports for children and young adults. On the other hand, we are specialists in designing and manufacturing exclusive personalized sports garments that represent the identity of your team.

In this sense, Gañafote invites you to think of an idea and trust us to develop it. There is nothing impossible for our team; which consists of design, textile, communication, tourism and professional event coordinators.

The Gañafote philosophy

Gañafote is an original and daring concept. To be Gañafote is to be a restless person, with enthusiasm and a spirit of teamwork. These are the values ​​that we want to instill in our events and that are reflected in our pledge. Teams with personality and identity, athletes with energy, dreams for the little ones, and fun for everyone.

“Gañafote” is commonly known as Grasshopper, in the province of Huelva. But at the same time, in colloquial terms, it is the name of the children who let their imaginations fly. That spirit is what we want to convey in our activities - Challenges from the values ​​of sportsmanship and fun.

Our Objetives

Our main objective is the satisfaction of our customers. For this, work and effort is our main resource to achieve success. We manufacture our garments in Spain and Portugal, which guarantees the delivery of our orders in the agreed time. We understand this factor as key to the seriousness and professionalism that our company has been brandishing since its inception.

Among our main goals is the realization of sporting events that generate visitors and promote tourism in your municipality, in terms of the organization of events.

And if we talk about the brand of sportswear, your club or association has an identity adapted to the needs of a very competitive current market, where image is the main weapon in distinguishing oneself.

The Pontetial of Gañafote

We have enough experience in the sector to become leaders in the coming years. In our catalog you will find garments adapted to all sports disciplines; as well as a merchandising line, more focused on amateur sports.

Our team has the knowledge and background to offer you the quality that we want to demonstrate with our actions.

Request our catalog or visit our website: www.gañ to learn more about our project.

We work for you, so join the Gañafote family!